Sunday, March 21, 2010

my 5 faves...

Pip at meet me at mikes has started a game. You can play here.

1. This website. Thank you, thx thx thx and Mamamia for the tip!
2. Embroidery, I'm getting a little obsessed.
3. As I am for whip up. I check it a few times a day. Sad, I know.
4. This bag from witchery!
5. Hazelnut Torte. Need I say more

Oh and its my first post! hope you come back again! xox


  1. Yay you! And happy first post!
    Embroidery is the best :P

  2. lovely list! :) I really love the thx website, what a great idea!! Your blog looks grand, shall visit again x

  3. Thank you so much for commenting you two!! I have been away for a while but plan to update stitch, stir & sew more frequently!

    Erin xo