Monday, November 22, 2010

sourdough bread: part one

I have been wanting to make sourdough for like, ages. I have no idea how this will turn out and I am posting as I am experiencing it.

I am using Jamie Oliver's sourdough recipe from his book Happy Days with the Naked Chef. So here goes;

Add 500g of Organic rye flour to a ceramic bowl. It is important to use the organic rye (says Jamie) as it has bacteria or something!

Add enough water to the mixture to make a soft dough. I do not think my dough was soft enough. Hmph.

This dough then goes and sits outside to have think for an hour, then comes inside and gets covered in cling wrap and sits in a warm place for two days. It will bubble and be yeasty (ew).

I will be back to post part two of the sourdough recipe in the coming days!

Erin x

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